Offizielle Erklärung zu den Verhandlungen zwischen Regierung und Opposition in Kiew

Statement of participants of Working Group on Settlement of Political Crisis First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Andriy Portnov and Minister of Justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash on course of negotiations with leaders of opposition parliamentary

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Andriy Portnov:

– The third stage of negotiations with opposition representatives Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Oleh Tiahnybok and Vitali Klitschko has finished. Negotiations have been held against the backdrop of the fact that the opposition has violated the arrangements on truce. In the course of the discussion of situation settlement the parties have stated peaceful character of actions of the government and the law enforcement bodies as well as expressed readiness to look for the common decisions. Also, the parties have noted the necessity of immediate vacation of illegally seized premises and termination of radical actions. The importance of joint work in legislative and negotiating plane has also been stated. Just like at the previous meetings, the opposition leaders who took the responsibility for the expansion of Maidan couldn’t explain how they are going to control the escalation of violence in the state and who will be responsible for the consequences of calls on the protesters to use weapons in the course of peaceful rallies.

At the same time, following the results of the negotiations, the parties have reached the following decisions. First. At the proposal of the opposition leaders on liberation of the detained persons, the Head of State has offered the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to come out with a proposal to the courts on the change of preventive measure not related to a previous confinement. At the same time, to ensure this proposal of the opposition leaders, the Prosecutor General and the Minister of the Interior have already made their statements offering to do the same. In this regard, the opposition leaders should promptly ensure a full withdrawal of people from Hrushevskoho Street and terminate any illegal actions.

The next proposal from the opposition was to adopt an amnesty law to release from liability all the people who took part in the protests in the course of the entire period of the political crisis. In this regard, the President agreed to this proposal and we believe that the majority group can support this decision if all seized buildings all over the country, including those on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, are vacated.

The next proposal from the opposition was to agree on a political decision to return the Ukrainian Constitution of 2004. The parties have discussed the issues related to the technical implementation of the given decision. Oleh Tiahnybok has his own proposals on the amendments to the Constitution and other leaders of the opposition have their own proposals. Thus, we have decided that we can jointly establish a group to work over the amendments to the Constitution through the adoption in the parliament or through the mechanism of nationwide referendum. Opposition leaders noted that the mechanism of nationwide referendum laid down in the law on the referendum could be subject to amendments. We agreed to establish a working group to amend the legislation on the referendum and suggest the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine through the given mechanism.

Next. The parties have discussed possible amendments to the laws adopted on January 16, 2014. We are ready to amend these laws and will work together with our political opponents to achieve a compromise on these laws and to amend the laws on which we will find political consensus.

The next proposal was on the new composition of the Central Election Commission. The parties have agreed to form the Central Election Commission on proportional basis under the size of the parliamentary groups. Also, the parties have agreed that the squares and the streets of Kyiv will be gradually vacated by law enforcement officials and protesters.

Minister of Justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash:

– In order to ensure broad public dialogue, the President offered Vitali Klitschko to participate in public debates. Vitali Klitschko agreed to that. Also, the President offers the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine to Arseniy Yatsenyuk. If Arseniy Yatsenyuk agrees to occupy the post the President will make a decision on the resignation of the Government. The post of Vice Prime Minister for Humanitarian Affairs has been offered to Vitali Klitschko. The President is confident that joint work with the opposition will help Ukraine unite and conduct reforms necessary for the state and the society. The President has once again expressed regret over the tragic accidents, injuries, victims of the conflicts and emphasized the inadmissibility of violence. We condemn all radical scenarios and their consequences. The negotiations will be continued by agreement of the parties.


Nun haben also Merkel und die USA jeweils ihre Männer in der Landesführung positioniert.

Mit Azarov verliert die Regierung einen der fähigsten ukrainischen Politiker, was schlecht ist.

Andererseits hat Janukowitsch Swoboda gut ausgebootet, indem er Jazenjuk und Klitschko bei der Selbstverliebtheit gepackt hat, in die Regierung integriert und sie somit für die Faschisten neutralisiert.

Die Regierung hat erreicht, dass jetzt die Oppositionsführer sich darum kümmern müssen, die Besetzer aus dem Gewerkschaftshaus, dem Rathaus und dem Landwirtschaftsministerium zu bekommen, was ein sehr kluger Schachzug ist, da nun alle Verantwortung bei den Oppos liegt und der Staat nicht für massive Polizeieinsätze beschuldigt werden kann.

Die Oppos müssen ihre Leute nun von der Straße bekommen und aus den besetzten Verwaltungsgebäuden in Galizien.

Damit ist der Schwarze Peter ihnen zugeschoben, wenn es Zoff gibt.

Tiahnybok steht da wie der Verlierer, mit Jazenjuk, der nichts als ein eitler Fatzke ist, und Klitschko, dessen Gehirn doch sehr in Bohnenstroh gebettet ist, hat man sich Leute in die Regierung geholt, die ohnehin keine selbständigen Entscheidungen treffen können.

Klingt zu einfach.

Morgen wissen wir mehr.

Update 22.20h

Als Jazenjuk die Ergebnisse auf dem Maidan verkündete, wurde er ausgebuht.

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