National Initiative of Syrian Kurds Denounce Erdogan’s Statements… Kurdish Popular Committees: Syria Will Become a Graveyard for Any Invader

The National Initiative of Syrian Kurds strongly denounces the statements of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his threats of infiltrating the borders in northern Syria under the pretext of pursuing Kurdish activists affiliated with the Kurdistan Labor Party.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Initiative warned the Turkish government of any tampering with Syrian sovereignty or any military or security breach of border areas.

The statement affirmed that Turkey has been blatantly aggressive against Syria's people, state and leadership since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, attempting to recreate the Benghazi model and adopting it in some border areas under the pretext of creating safe havens, buffer areas and humanitarian passages,

The Initiative stressed that Turkey has been providing all forms of logistic support – including weapons, headquarters and equipment – to the armed terrorist group and the external non-patriotic opposition, all under the instructions of Israel, the US and the west, adding that Turkey was also involved in sabotage and the destabilization of security and stability in Syria alongside Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

"Kurds, as an essential component of the great Syrian people, will defend Syria's northern side, turning these areas into a graveyard for the Turanian Turkish army… we will teach the neo-Slejuk-Turanian Erdogan and his criminal gangs and fascist army – which have been carrying out genocide and massacres against more than 25 million Kurds –  a lesson they will never forget, and we will make the ground shake beneath his invading hordes before they sully a single grain of Syria's sacred soil," the statement concluded.

Kurdish Popular Committees: Syria Will Become a Graveyard for Any Invader… the Threats of the Ottoman Erdogan are Irresponsible

Kurdish popular committees in Syria said that Syrian lands will become a graveyard for any invader that considers attacking Syria, and that the entire Syrian people with all its components will stand in the face of such an aggression no matter the price.

In a statement issued on Friday, the committees said that the threats issued by the Ottoman Recep Tayyip Erdogan – who dreams of spreading Ottoman influence across the region with the aid of the Arab Gulf, Israel and the US – are irresponsible, and that he will be defeated like all his ancestors before him who committed massacres against Syrians.

The committees called upon rational and honest Turks to put a stop to Erdogan who has become a danger to Turkey's security and neighboring countries and exposed himself as a pawn in the hand of Israel who carries out US-western colonialist agendas.

The statement concluded by pointing out that the repercussions of any aggression will spread to the entire region, including Al Saud and Al Thani who will not be protected by the colonialist military bases in their countries.




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